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Donna Ferrato. Photographer. Photo journalist. 10013.

Posted by by John

Donna Ferrato's 10013 project on the Tribeca neighborhood in New York City.

Donna Ferrato's 10013 project on the Tribeca neighborhood in New York City.

Donna Ferrato, probably best known for her work documenting domestic violence, has put together a collection of photos documenting the Tribeca neighborhood of New York City, where she has lived since 1997. The collection is called 10013 after the Zip code for Tribeca.

The collection includes portfolios from 2008 and 2009 as well as portfolios dedicated to construction in the area as well as one that looks at the neighborhood’s sense of style.

One of the portfolios is called “We Live in Public” and documents a project that was done in New York at the end of 1999.

(We live in Public) was the brain child of Internet dot com visionary Josh Harris, www.weliveinpublicthemovie.com, where 80 people (mostly residents/artists) were hand picked to live underground in steel bunkers for 2 weeks over Christmas and New Years. Ms. Ferrato joined the frey and invisibly moved around the happening to catch the candid moments of the set up…once you were in – you couldn’t get out.

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