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Eugene Richards: Documentary photographer

Posted by by John

A photo from Eugene Richards' book Cocaine True, Cocaine Blue.

A photo from Eugene Richards' book Cocaine True, Cocaine Blue.

I first became introduced to the photography of Eugene Richards when I bought his book Below the Line: Living Poor in America. In 1986 Richards traveled across the United States photographing poverty in America – specifically people living below the government’s definition of the “poverty line.” The book was funded in large part by Consumers Union, the publishers of Consumer Reports magazine.

He has published numerous books over the years including his award winning works Cocaine True, Cocaine Blue, an examination of Cocaine users, as well as the Knife and Gun Club, a documentary essay on the emergency room at Denver General Hospital.

Richards has branched out into documentary filmmaking as well as photography for advertising clients.

His work has always been an inspiration for me. Be sure to browse some of the amazing work on his website.

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