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Noor Images – a photojournalism and multimedia photo agency

Posted by by John

Noor Images, an Amsterdam based photo agency.

Noor Images, an Amsterdam based photo agency.

Noor Images is a photo agency based in the Netherlands with a small group of outstanding photojournalists that cover stories across the globe.

I came upon their website after someone sent me a link to their Noor Newsletter, Since their most recent addition came out today.

After poking around their site a bit I realized that I knew one of the photographers at the agency, Nina Berman, who I had worked with in the late 90′s in New Jersey. A slide show of her images of Marina Orlova, who was voted “World’s #1 Sexiest Geek” by Wired Magazine and has one of the hottest channels on YouTube.

The Noor Gallery features links to the agency’s latest work in different areas including multimedia, long term photo projects, their latest picture stories and an archive of older works.

Lots of great work here that is worth exploring!

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