A note from the author about the project.

  An Overview

Rodney Derr, left, is only one of the estimated sixty people who are homeless, but still call Covington, Kentucky their home. Like many of the others, Rodney sleeps in abandoned cars.

  Out on their own

Without any shelters in Covington, life on the streets is a daily battle for existence. Rummaging through dumpsters and panhandling are necessary for survival.

  River Tramps

With tents and shanties for homes, and the riverbank as their neighborhood, River Tramps rely on each other to weather the unpredictable days and nights behind the flood wall.

  Trapped in the streets

Ensnared by the trap of alcoholism the homeless have become alienated from the society that surrounds them. Their hopes and dreams revolve around a world of drinking.

All photos © 1994 John Decker
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